Vaughn is well known as a STEWARD of the PUBLIC'S TRUST, Resources and a long-time DEDICATED Community SERVANT. A DEVOTED HUSBAND and FATHER. He and his wife Sandy, have been MARRIED for 32 YEARS, and have two grown children, Vaughn and Aleah, both graduates of UNR. He has always been a Man of PRINCIPLES, with a strong COMMITMENT to see our COMMUNITY PROSPER through WISE, SUSTAINABLE Planning Practices. He’s a FAMILY MAN, Community VOLUNTEER, Entrepreneur, and SELF-EMPLOYED Businessman.


RE-ELECT Commissioner VAUGHN HARTUNG to a Second Term on the WASHOE COUNTY COMMISSION, serving District 4. Along with REGIONAL partners, SPARKS and Reno, he will continue striving to make Washoe County the premier, SAFE, HEALTHY, SECURE place to LIVE, work, and play in the west!


     Board Experience (Current)

Washoe County Commission, District 4

Truckee Meadows Water Authority Board (TMWA)(Vice-Chair)

Truckee River Flood Management Authority (Vice-Chair)

Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Governing Board

Western Regional Water Commission (Chair)

Washoe County Investment Committee

Child Health Institute Advisory Board

Nevada Land Transfer Task Force

Nevada Association of Counties (Alternate)

Washoe County Stadium Authority (Alternate)

Washoe County Senior Services Advisory Board (Liaison-Alternate)


     Board Experience (Previous)

Regional Transportation Commission (RTC)

State Land Use Planning Advisory Council (SLUPAC)

Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA)

Washoe County Planning Commission

Washoe County Design Review Committee

Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission

Spanish Springs Citizens Advisory Board (CAB)

RTC, Pyramid and McCarran Steering Committee

AD-HOC Committee on Non-Restricted Gaming (Sparks)




Public Safety

  • Worked collaboratively to add 2 new Fire Engines to the Spanish Springs Station #17; Type 1 for structural fires and a Type 3 for WIldland and brush fires to protect the valley and neighboring Sparks.


  • Lead the approval for the addition of a Licensed Paramedic on every Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District crew on every shift to enhance 1st responder medical capabilities.


  • Provided the leadership for the installation of our Region's first Lucas2 Chest Compression system for Spanish Springs Station #17.  This tool can help first responders save lives during sudden cardiac arrest.


  • Worked with other Elected Officials to increase fire protection with the Mogul Fire Station #35 to enhance the Region's first initial attack response times.

Capital Projects

  • Provided Leadership for the Pyramid-McCarran intersection reconstruction project to improve traffic congestion, safety, air quality & multi-modal intersection access.


  • Lead the approval with RTC and Sparks Councilman Ron Smith, of Phase II of the Southeast Connector roadway project.  The roadway will will enhance & reduce travel times for hard working families within the Cities of Reno and Sparks.


  • Collaborated with the Sparks City Council and as Vice-Chair of the Truckee River Flood Management Authority for the approval and construction of Phase I for the North Truckee Drain re-alignment project that provides flood control in East Sparks and the Sparks Industrial area.


  • Supported and voted for the construction of the new Washoe County Medical Examiner's building groundbreaking in December of 2015.

Community Support


  • Lead the Regional Animal Services free microchipping campaign program, saving taxpayers approximately $1.4 million to quickly reunite pets with their owners.


  • Collaborated to provide funding from the Regional Transportation Commission for Bus Passes to support Senior Citizens, Children and Veterans in organizations which include: the UNR School of Medicine's Medical Clinic, the Mojave Mental Health Facility, the Assistance League of Reno, the Children's Cabinet and Truckee Meadows Community College.


  • Provided Leadership to increase upstream water storage capacity to stabilize our water supply in drought years through the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) and the Truckee River Operating Agreement (TROA).

Social Services

  • Supported the approval of providing more than 400,000 meals to homebound Seniors in our community.


  • Lead the fight for increased efficiencies and resources to the Senior Services Programs by consolidating two Washoe County departments.


  • Provided funding of more than $14,000 to the Sparks Senior Center for upgraded amenities it the Senior's community center on Richards Way.


  • Lead the effort and secured the approval for the Northern Nevada DUI Task Force to use the Washoe County Commission Chambers to hold their monthly Victim Impact Panel meetings. The Northern Nevada DUI Task Force works diligently to reduce recidivism and keep impaired drivers off our roads.


Paperless Sample Ballots

  • Assemblyman Ira Hansen carried AB-94 on behalf of Commissioner Vaughn Hartung.  AB-94 gives voters the choice to receive their Sample Ballots Electronically or by U.S. Mail. This Green, forward-thinking initiative can potentially save Nevada Taxpayers Millions of dollars every election cycle.           AB-94 was passed by unanimous vote in both houses.

  • Provide Leadership to diversify our job market to ensure Washoe County favors job creation though medium and small local businesses.


  • Continue to emphasize financial stability through wise, long-term sustainable Regional Planning.


  • Finish the work on critical infrastructure projects such as the Intersection at Pyramid & McCarran, the South East Connector, the Truckee River Flood Control Project, and continue to invest in other important infrastructure with water and wastewater delivery systems and public safety programs.


  • Continue my Leadership initiative to support additional resources to the Washoe County Sheriff's Office for safety equipment for the Deputies, the K-9 Program, the Detention Facility, and Forensics Lab to continue with the solving of DNA cold cases.


  • Through collaborative efforts, I will continue working to build upstream drought storage to sustain the water supply in the Truckee Meadows region including:
  • Using high quality treated effluent water to safely recharge our ground water supply.
  • Maximize efficiencies with existing resources by using effluent in place of potable water wherever possible.


  • Continue supporting our existing, and building our new Special Events market. Special Events generate Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in Regional economic activity from visitors.


  • Continue leading the effort for increased efficiencies and additional outside assistance for Washoe County’s Alzheimer’s Daybreak (Adult Day Care) Program by consolidating with Nevada Senior Services Adult Day Care from Southern Nevada. Currently, our Daybreak program serves less than 30 patients, costing taxpayers approximately $600,000.00 per year. The Nevada Senior Services’ program serves nearly 300 patients per day at no cost to Clark County Taxpayers. The new program will include training for families living with Alzheimer’s, and a badly needed Home Modification Program.

As a Steward of the Public's Trust, Vaughn has the impressive experience and tireless dedication needed to tackle the serious issues facing our community in the future. He has proven this through a collaborative climate between the City of Sparks and Washoe County governments which he fostered. Vaughn has been an active community member, successful small business owner, and dedicated family man since taking residence in Washoe County over 35 years ago. He has been married to his wife Sandra for 32 years, and has a son and daughter, both graduates of the University of Nevada, Reno. Vaughn is a former Adjunct Faculty member, teaching at both TMCC and UNR for nearly 20 years.


Vaughn's proven track record of Experience, Leadership,

Integrity, and Honesty is Endorsed by the following

Elected, Community, and Business Leaders.

Mayor Geno Martini,  Councilman Ron Smith (Mayor Pro Tempore)

Councilman Ed Lawson,  Councilwoman Charlene Bybee


Mike Carrigan - Former Sparks City Council

Shaun Carey - Former Sparks City Manager

Honorable Larma Volk, Former Justice of the Peace

John Dotson - Former Sparks Chief of Police

Lee Leighton - Former Sparks Fire Chief

Andy Flock - Former Sparks Fire Chief

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve,  Reno Councilwoman Neoma Jardon

Assemblywoman Jill Dickman - District 31,  Assemblyman Ira Hansen -  District 32


Dick Gammick - Former District Attorney,  Robert Larkin - Former Washoe County Commissioner

Dick Kirkland - Former Washoe County Sheriff,  Dan Coppa - Former Washoe County Undersheriff

Amy Harvey - Former Washoe County Clerk,  Kathy Burke - Former Washoe County Recorder

  Honorable Jon Porter,  Bill Berrum - Former Washoe County Treasurer 

Steve Pitts - Former Reno Chief of Police


Rick Reviglio - Western Nevada Supply,  Tom Reviglio - Western Nevada Supply

Norm Dianda - Q&D Construction,  Perry Di Loreto,  Frank and Fran Lepori

John Sande III,  John Sande IV,  Nick Rossi - LP Insurance,  Andy MacKay

Mark and Mary Kay Knobel,  Major General Ron Bath, Retired.,  Luther Mack

Dr. Kosta & Julie Arger,  Bob & Nancy Cashell,  Linda Bissett,  Mary Simmons

Mike Pagni,  Esq.,  John Frankovich, Esq.,  Jim Endres,  Gary Duhon, Esq.

Jesse Haw - Hawco,  Robert Sadar Esq. -  Hawco,  Greg Peek

Paul Enos - CEO Nevada Trucking Association,  Rob Winkel, Esq.

Sean McCaffery,  Bill & Jackie Berrum,  Dr. Charles & Lynnsey Virden

Tim Crowley,  Kraig Knudsen - Tanamera Construction,  Lindsay Knox

Tom Gallagher - Summit Engineering,  Androo Allen - Artisan Communities

Steve Hartman - Vidler Water Co.,  Mary Lau - RAN,  Lea Tauchen - RAN

Brett Scolari, Esq.,  Steven Scolari,  Peter Lissner - Lifestyle Homes

Michael Cate,  Margaret Cavin - J & J Mechanical Inc.,  Blake Smith

Dave Simonsen - Kidder Mathews,  Don Weir - Reno Dodge,  John Howitt

Ted Erkan,  Roger Primm,  Derek Wilson,  Mike Railey,  Nick Pavich

Mike Hillerby,  Sev Carlson,  Bob & Sylvia Larkin,  John Klacking

AGC - Associated General Contractors,  BANN - Builders Association of Northern Nevada

Nevada Trucking Association,  RAN - Retail Association of Nevada

Reno-Sparks Indian Colony,  Western Nevada Supply

Q&D Construction,  Frank Lepori Construction

Republican Women of Northern Nevada PAC

Hawco,  J & J Mechanical Inc.

Reno Dodge,  LP Insurance

Veterans In Politics CD2




The SouthEast Connector (SEC) (formerly the Tahoe/Pyramid Link) will provide a more efficient and safe alternative for commuters who travel between South Reno and East Reno/Sparks.  The new roadway will be called Veterans Parkway which will stretch 5.5 miles from the intersection of Greg Street/Sparks Blvd at the north end, to South Meadows Parkway and Veterans Parkway in the south.  The road is a six-lane non-elevated roadway with multi-use paths.

Pyramid & McCarran Intersection Improvements

As a member of the Spanish Springs Citizen Advisory Board, Vaughn served on the original steering committee of the long-envisioned upgrade to the intersection of Pyramid and McCarran. Completion of the improvements to this intersection is a high priority in District 4. This long overdue project will increase public safety and greatly reduce travel times in and out of Spanish Springs. This enhancement will also be very beneficial for our local businesses in the Galleria and Sparks Crossing shopping centers, not to mention opening additional opportunities in the undeveloped Kiley Ranch properties. Renovating this busy crossroad is the first step in adding some much needed additional capacity on the Pyramid Highway Corridor.

North Truckee

The North Truckee Drain project in Southeast Sparks, will realign the drain outlet further downstream to avoid a confluence with Steamboat Creek.  This will lower Truckee River flooding levels and backwater breakouts within the Sparks Industrial Area.  Phase I which consists of the West side of Greg Street to the end of Larkin Circle which empties into the Truckee River.  Phase II is in the planning stage.

Virginia Street
Bridge Project

The Virginia Street Bridge was an earth-filled concrete arch bridge that served the Downtown Reno area since 1905.  After more than a century of use from community members and visitors, the bridge was showing signs of extreme wear and its replacement was imperative to the continued safety for the public.  The arch-type construction of the bridge also made it detrimental during major flood events as debris would catch on the low arch structure.  The new bridge will improve the passage of flood waters and debris while allowing for an easier flow of flood waters. The project is sponsored by the Truckee River Flood Management Authority in partnership with the City of Reno, US Army Corps of Engineers and Federal Highways Administration.


Washoe County

Truckee Meadows Fire Protection

Washoe County Sheriff's Office

Washoe County District Attorney

Regional Emergency Operations Center

Washoe County Regional Animal Services

City of Sparks

Sparks Police Department

Sparks Fire Department

City of Reno

Reno Police Department

Reno Fire Department

Regional Transportation Commission

Nevada Department of Transportation

Truckee Meadows Water Authority

Western Regional
Water Commission

Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Acency

Truckee River Flood Management Authority

Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority

Washoe County School District

Truckee Meadows Community College

University Nevada Reno

Washoe County Medical Examiner

Washoe County Health District

Washoe County Search and Rescue

REMSA Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority


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